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Our History

Revil was created by Caesar in late 2014 but the first publication was actually a children's book for St. Jude's Children's Hospital...Soon after that the first Revil comic's; comic, was published called M.U.D. Located In Springfield, MO. Caesar is a staple and honored guest as a respected and talented artist and creator in his local community from displaying at local galleries to even publishing his own local arts magazine that featured several local artists and talents. Today Caesar is a great asset and inspiration to his community from being a substitute teacher to teaching comics, art, and business with panels at local and out of state events. Sharing his experience and knowledge in public speaking and forming lasting relationships with the best talents new and old.

" My great grandfather Ed, was a sign painter in Springfield and Literally painted the town, I'm proud to follow in his steps as an artist with a degree in Graphic Design as well and oddly I'm the only artist in my family that seems to have acquired his talents and inspiration among over 30+ great grandkids...but some of them are still young and might surprise us soon! ... I always set out to inspire new and old artists as I did run a magazine promoting other artists for 5 years and all that hard work was worth it, as I was able to share amazing things with Springfield and the World as my magazine was very successful... But for now I will continue to teach at public schools and Illustrate comics and raise my own kids with my amazing wife, I have been very blessed!!!  karma is also a great thing to have, I often say I pay with karma as I'm very wealthy in many ways not just financially... So I always treat others as equals and often get people surprised by that. "

-Caesar Crawford

  • Always do the right thing and be kind as always!
  • Never forget why you're creating or illustrating in the first place!
  • No matter how you do it, leave your mark and try your best!

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Caesar Crawford Bio:

Father & Husband

Substitute Teacher & Paraprofessional
Professional Graphic Designer

Owner of Revil Comics

Freelance artist for TOPCOW

Freelance artist for Ultraman
​Freelance Artist for Dynamite Ent.

Featured Artist in SKETCH magazine.

Past colorist for Marvel Comics

St. Jude's Children's Hospital

Children's Book Author

Indie Comic Artist

Art/Music Magazine

Publisher Editor Owner

Photographer & Movie Director

Actor / Model

Body Builder