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First ever blog by Revil Comics creator Caesar Crawford Stay tuned! I will try and update a few times a month or more. :) 

It's Thursday! Well I have been swamped with commission work and have also been hitting the gym harder than ever and I have been exhausted...But I have a couple new titles I'm working on and the one I'm the most excited about is The Last Light You'll See. This comic I just keep seeing as a film in my head and cant wait to get it down into a comic. :) Anyhow I'm looking forward to cooler weather so I can rock out with my studio windows open and my record player blasting some good tunes. Guess that's about it for now... I will be at Joplin Collectors Expo October 2nd see everyone there! -Caesar Crawford Sept, 16th 2021

It's Monday! Yep time to get back to the grind and also time to plan for upcoming events also. Due to the Pandemic most cons got cancelled and in a way I was glad, because I was doing a long list of cons and was ready for a break, but now that we are coming back to a normal type of life, the cons are slowly and I mean slowly coming back and I will be adding some more soon.

Recent news is that I have 4 new covers for my comic Poppi & Poe by the awesome writer for Harley Quinn Jimmy Palmiotti, what a great guy, I met him at Planet Comic Con a while back and we hit it off and are good friends and I really am so excited he squeezed me into his schedule. NOW LIVE ON INDIEGOGO  :)

-Caesar Crawford 

July, 12th 2021

( Personal notes: what have I been doing besides comics? Well family life of course, but I also have been jogging and riding my bike more and have been swamped with commissions! Overall it's been a great start of the summer. I also just resealed my huge deck and plan on a few other home improvements including new privacy fence and buying another new car if anyone has any recommendations on a top of the line SUV let me know thanks! :)