​(Release date 10-2021)

Cover art, story, Interiors:

Caesar Crawford


A Cursed fallen angel awakens every one-hundred years on Halloween to fight off ungodly creatures that haunt a small town in order to be set free of her mortal shell.

Poppi & Poe Cover #6. 

(Cover art: Ed Smith, interiors, story by Caesar Crawford)

An undead tight rope walker and her demonized Money take on killer clowns.

Cursanova #1

In progress!

(Cover art, story, interiors, by

Caesar Crawford)

An EMT gets cursed and begins unraveling the truth to the

demons he feels compelled

to hunt...Are they more than

they appear?


Dark Reign

Since 2014

Poppi & Poe Cover #1. Reboot!

Cover art: Cover A: Caesar Crawford. Cover B: Jimmy Palmiotti in progress. May 2021

Tragically murdered beside her mother brought back to life years later to seek revenge against the monsters that killed ended her life.

MUD Cover #1 of New 1-shot Issue.

​​(Cover ink art: John Lucas. Interiors, story by Caesar Crawford)

An undead detective from the early 1900's faces todays new supernatural crimes including, vampires, werewolf babies, and more.

Black Star & Ghost #1

Out August 5th, 2020!

(Cover art, story, interiors, by

Caesar Crawford)

A mysterious small planet appears attached to earth and reveals its secret power and a battle between good and evil ensues. 



THOR Dark Reign #1

In progress! 

​(Release date 2021)

Cover art: Caesar Crawford

Story: Not announced

Interiors: Caesar Crawford

Variant Cover:


Son of Odin cursed

into a darkness with an endless blood lust is unstoppable... Or is he?

​#thor #thordarkreign